One for the Money

Ok folks, an oldie but a goodie. It all begins in arguably one of the greatest years of the 90's, 1994. "One for the Money" was published and thus began the blockbuster series staring Stephanie Plum. 

Stephanie Plum is Trenton, New Jerseys most beloved and most feared bounty hunter. She isn't feared because of her butt kicking ability, she is feared because wherever she goes trouble inevitably follows. Most often manifested in the form of cars mysteriously blowing up.

She is not known for being particularly good at her job, but she is lucky. She has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. 

After being laid off as a lingerie buyer she finds herself out of a car, and out of money. With her options consisting of the button factory, or working for her scum-bucket cousin Vinnie, she chooses her cousin and hopes for the best. 

Her first case is going after the guy that charmed her pants off behind the pastry counter at the bakery she worked at as a teen. Now a cop, the womanizer Morelli is accused of shooting an unarmed man. He missed his court date and needs to be picked up and hauled in. Who better to take on this task than rookie skip agent Stephanie Plum. Too bad she has no idea what shes doing. 

This is where Ranger comes in. Ranger is the most badass bounty hunter known to man. He decides to take Stephanie under his wing and show her the ropes, mostly for entertainment purposes. Now with two hot men in her life Stephanie has a bit of trouble keeping her head in the game. 

This book is downright suspenseful, unrelentingly hilarious and utterly addictive. Luckily the 15th book in the series comes out in June. Janet Evanovich is the master.

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caite said...

I loved her early books and I love Plum...but then I am a Jersey girl too.
I will admit that I have not read the last few. I think every series, even the best, runs it course. Or maybe I just did. But if anyone has not read them, you must give them a funny.

Sue Jackson said...

I'm a huge Stephanie Plum fan! There's nothing better when you're in the mood for pure fun in a book. I recently reviewed her latest release, Plum Spooky at my book blog.

Thanks for checking out my blog - you're right, we seem to have similar tastes in books. I enjoyed your reviews very much and will check back soon!


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