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When That Day Comes

There's no doubt in my mind that Ms. McAtee is an amazing orator. And the children she works with are incredibly lucky to have someone who can weave such a beautiful story with a message that resonates. The story is a beautiful one with an elderly Rosa remembering fondly the love of her father and growing up with such a close-knit family. She tells of her watchful eye and strict rules of her father who was determined to keep her out of harm's way and happy always. Ultimately, Rosa is hurt in her marriage, but keeps her positive outlook always and looks to the bright side of her beautiful children and her loving family.

Unfortunately, the grammar and the incongruities in the narration (it would frequently switch from the intended third person narration to a first person) were quite distracting for me. I believe this book is written for parents to read to their children, and the parents can catch the mistakes (for example: more than once something like "Daddy seen this coming" was written.)
I loved the meaning and theme of her story, but for me the lack of editing really made it hard to read.

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