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A confession in pictures

After checking out Savvy Verse & Wit's confession earlier this week, I decided to do a count of my to be read pile. It depressed me a little bit.

This shelf? This whole shelf? 294 books. All to be read. The boxes next to it are the books I've read that need to be circulated into the closet.

The galley pile:
The top choices:

Pay no mind to the shoes and the jump rope please. It's about fall organization time.
Where do the boxes go when they're full?

I call this the dungeon. But I can't bear parting with my books, and someday I won't live in a closet, and will have a glorious library in my house.

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Alea said...

I want to see that dvd shelf we got a tiny peek of in the corner of one of those pictures!

Angela said...

Wow, that actually makes me feel a little better about my 'To Read' pile. Now my 'To Read' list is a different story all together. I think my Word document is somewhere on the third page and that doesn't include the ones I've started marking in Goodreads.

Our books may have to go into boxes soon because my daughter (almost 1) has started pulling any that she can reach off the bookshelves.

Definitely wishing for a library in our house too. Someday we will get out of this apartment!

Diane said...

Well, that's not really so bad. You see I am an enabler :) I have 640++ unread books...pathetic huh?

Ashley said...

Haha, Ask and you shall receive Alea :) But there are two of them, and the choices in dvds are somewhat embarrassing.

We'll have them soon Angela.

And Diane, that sounds glorious, not pathetic :)

caite said...

Don't be depressed! They are like a bank account full of delightful treasures from which you will be able to withdraw.

well, of course except for the ARCs one might have promised to reviews 3 months

Ashley said...

LOL! Only four to seven of them are making me feel guilty. I'm going to get to the Rapture soon, I swear it.

Serena said...

Great confession. I'm glad I inspired you.

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