The Death (and Further Adventures) of Silas Winterbottom

The synopsis:
What secret is Uncle Silas hiding?
Adele, Milo and Isabella Winterbottom haven’t heard from Uncle Silas in years – unless you count the occasional insult. So curious eyebrows are raised when the cousins receive a mysterious invitation from their disagreeable relative. But Silas is dying, and a dying man with a vast fortune usually wishes to find an heir.
Or so the children believe.
But when they meet dear, old Uncle Silas and his hungry pet crocodile, the trio suspects that he may have a more sinister reason for inviting healthy, young relatives to his secluded island estate – a place where nothing is as it seems ...

My thoughts: The cousins, all so different from one another, come to Sommerset, each for very different reasons. Adele is forced to go by her mother, Silas' sister, who threatens to send her to the orphanage if Adele isn't named the heir to Silas' fortune. Milo loathes Silas, and goes solely for revenge, Silas having put Milo's parents in their early graves. Isabella is every bit as loathsome and manipulative as Silas and Adele's mother. A fun romp of a story, I couldn't help but intensely dislike the Winterbottom family fully, aside from Milo and Adele. Stephen Giles did a wonderful job in writing an evocative children's novel.

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